Whole House Water Filters Provide Clean Water for Every Use

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Clean water is an important component of a healthy life. That’s why so many people have their drinking water filtered at the tap. For some kinds of contaminants, this filtration will do the trick. Other forms of contamination can stain clothes, damage fixtures and even damage your health via skin contact. If your home water supply suffers from any of these contaminants, whole house water filters might be the best choice.


Most municipal water contains trace amounts of chlorine, a chemical that water plants use to decontaminate the supply. In small quantities, chlorine seems to be harmless. Many treatment facilities overuse this substance, however. Too much chlorine can cause a strong taste in your water. In larger quantities, it can even irritate your skin and eyes. If you suspect that there’s too much chlorine in your local water, it might be time for a filtration system that can deal with both drinking and washing water.

Mineral Deposits

Iron, sulfur, lime and other minerals can often be found dissolved in well water and some municipal supplies. They don’t always stay in solution, though. Unpleasant deposits on your fixtures, shower walls, clothing and other belongings can be a real problem. Some mineral-filled water even dulls or changes the color of your hair over time. If your home suffers from these problems, whole house water filters can remove those minerals and leave you with clean, clear water for every purpose.


Dirt, rust and other sediments leave your water looking dirty. You might see fine black or red powder settle at the bottom of your glass or on your fixtures. These contaminants aren’t fun to ingest, and they can damage your clothing and appliances. Use a whole house filter to avoid hundreds in repair bills while providing fresh drinking water for every member of your family.


If you live close to a farm or an industrial center, your water could silently carry a number of dangerous chemicals. They include herbicides, pesticides, fertilizer and more. In some areas, the concentrations of these chemicals are so severe that they can burn your skin during a shower. Even where the water is less polluted, contaminants like these can pose a serious health risk just from physical contact. If a water test suggests that your well or city water supply contains traces of these chemicals, it’s time to do something about it.

While not every home needs all its water filtered, it can be a big help for some. If you suspect that your water has been polluted by any of these substances, investigate whole house filtration options today. You’ll be surprised by how much better your water can taste, feel and smell. It might seem like a big investment, but it’s worth it for your health.