What You Might Not Know About the Tyent UCE 9000 Turbo

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Ionized alkaline water has been shown to have a number of important health benefits. Unfortunately, getting access to it in your own home could be more difficult than you first thought. There are so many different models and brands on the market that a simple decision quickly becomes a complex dilemma. One popular model, the Tyent UCE 9000 Turbo, could make your choice a lot easier, however. Its full set of features and ease of use mean that it’s the right water ionizer for families all over the world.

Easy-to-Understand Interface

The UCE 9000 offers features that make it simple for almost anyone to use. This device includes a back-lit touch panel interface with simple icons. Bright colors ensure that you can easily tell the difference between all the different functions. This devices also includes voice guided service. A clear voice explains the functions of different parts of the machine and provides warnings when a problem might be about to occur.

Antimicrobial Features

Bacteria, algae, fungi and other microbes can all grow in water ionizers and filters that don’t receive proper cleaning. Tyent avoids the risk of contaminated water from microbe growth by including a special antimicrobial system in the electrolytic tank. It prevents microorganisms from growing freely and automatically cleans the inside of your ionizer. That helps you be certain that your filtered water stays safe and healthy.

Automatic Internal Controls

Some high end ionizers require regular re-calibration or constant attention. This can be very frustrating for users who simply want to enjoy healthy, hydrating alkaline water. If you want to make sure that you won’t need to spend much time with your ionizer, choose a model that includes automatic controls. The Tyent UCE 9000 Turbo has a built in CPU that tracks the water quality and flow rates to produce ideal conditions. With the adjustments safely out of your hands, you’ll be able to rely on fresh, high quality ionized water at the touch of a button.

High Quality Plates

An ionizer with poor quality plates will wear out quickly. It might even stop treating the water correctly. Tyent relies on medical grade titanium with a platinum coating. This helps the ionizer function at peak levels for much longer. It also means that the ionization process is even more effective. This kind of technology might cost a little more, but it’s worth it to avoid replacing the plates in your devices.

If you’re ready to experience the changes that ionized water can make in your health, it might be time to check out a new model from Tyent. The UCE 9000 Turbo and all its relatives can offer you reliable service and features that are simple to understand. Compare all your options to find the perfect one for your home.