What Can You and Your Family Expect from Undersink Water Filters?

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It’s sad but true: water filtration for your whole house is an expensive prospect. While the lifetime cost of these devices can be incredibly low, you will need to make an investment in the future when you choose one. That can be difficult for people who are dealing with tight budgets and diminishing savings. Not every home needs all its water filtered, however. If your water supply contains only contaminants that produce problems in drinking water, you may be able to choose a less costly alternative.

Contaminant Types

Drinking water filters work well to remove health-threatening contaminants like lead and other heavy metals. The best ones can also get rid of herbicides, asbestos, chlorine and dangerous microorganisms. This kind of filter can only be installed under the sink or on the counter near one water supply. That means it won’t filter your shower or laundry water. It also won’t clean the water you drink from any other faucet. If your home suffers from mineral deposits or chemicals that can irritate your skin while showering, consider choosing a whole-house model instead.

Filtration Speed

Undersink water filters take a little time to process your drinking water. That means you may not see a flow as strong as it would be straight out of the tap. Higher quality filters like those from companies such as Aquasana can provide up to 1/2 gallon of flow per minute. That might seem a little slow, but most people don’t need more water than this for basic drinking and washing. After all, it takes just four minutes to fill a two-gallon container at this rate!

Replacing Filters

From time to time, you will need to replace the filter units on your undersink water filters. On average, you’ll need to do this about once every 600 gallons, or about every six months. You can order filters on your own or sign up for an autoship service provided by the manufacturer. These services send your filters to you automatically, ensuring that you’ll always be able to have safe, healthy water at your fingertips. You might be tempted to use the filters longer than the recommended amount of time, but this could lead to inadequate filtration and lower quality water.

If you want to make sure that your family has safe, reliable sources of drinking water, it might be time to check out your options. For many people, whole-house units simply aren’t necessary. You can acquire a good quality undersink unit for far less, allowing your household to enjoy fresh, pure drinking water without breaking the budget. If you’re not sure which kind of filter you need, simply have your water analyzed by a professional. You’ll find out what kind of contaminants you and your family need to watch out for. Then you’ll be able to pick the perfect filter to handle your home water supply problems and satisfy your thirst.