What Are the Real Benefits of Using Alkaline Water Filters?

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You may have heard that alkaline water can help you feel better and enjoy higher levels of health. You might also have seen all the positive reviews that manufacturers of alkaline water filters have to offer. They make a great argument for owning one of these devices, but many of them are excessively vague. If you’re wondering about the real benefits of buying alkaline water filters, you’re not alone. Here’s an overview to help you better understand them.

Safe, Clean Water

Every high quality alkaline water filtration system includes high-tech features to help remove dangerous contaminants from your water. They include heavy metals, hydrocarbons, chemicals, chlorine, bacteria and many more. If you don’t think your water is at risk from these types of contaminants, you might be surprised. An incredible number of homes suffer from compromised water, but their residents never know their health could be in danger. By installing an alkaline water system, you’ll be able to make sure that your water is safe and pollutant-free.

Higher Antioxidant Levels

Doctors and scientists now know that oxidative damage caused by free radicals is responsible for many of the most common diseases and health issues. It increases the rate at which we age and even potentially raises the risk of cancer. The best way to fight this kind of damage is by consuming plenty of antioxidant foods and beverages. They include supposed “superfoods” like cranberries and dark chocolate.

You might not know that you can also fight this kind of damage with water, however. The process of generating alkaline water gives it a negative ORP, increasing the level of antioxidants in every glass. This effect is short-lived, however. That’s why we can’t store alkaline water and ship it to retailers around the country; you need to drink it fresh from your filter to get all the benefits.

Disinfecting By-Products

An alkaline water device doesn’t just make alkaline water, however. The process of producing this health-boosting substance also creates acidic water as a by-product. This substance isn’t something you’d want to drink, but that doesn’t mean you should just pour it down the drain.

The acidic pH of this liquid makes it ideal for disinfecting dishes, cutting boards and other kitchen surfaces. The water’s antimicrobial properties also mean it can be used to clean out cuts and scrapes. Instead of relying on chemical disinfectants, use the acidic water from your alkaline water filter to keep your kitchen bacteria and virus-free.

If you haven’t been sure whether an alkaline filter device is right for you, it’s time to look harder. The many benefits of these devices mean that they soon pay for themselves. You’ll be able to enjoy fresh, health-improving water whenever you choose, along with a number of additional advantages. It’s worth it to consider alkaline water for your household.