Three Types of Consumers Who Shouldn’t Buy Aquasana Water Filters

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If you’re interested in making sure that your home drinking and washing water is safe, healthy and pure, whole house Aquasana water filters are sure to be on your list of options. They help people all over the United States avoid health problems associated with contaminated water. They cut down on waste and expense associated with buying bottled water, and they’re even relatively easy to own and operate. That doesn’t mean everyone should buy one of these devices, however. Here’s a look at three types of consumers who shouldn’t invest in these high quality water filtration systems.


If you live in an apartment or another small rented space, you might need filtered water. Unfortunately, your living situation might not be compatible with one of Aquasana’s whole house filtration systems. These relatively permanent devices need to be installed where the water enters your home, making it hard for renters to enjoy them. That doesn’t mean you can’t have filtered water, however. Consider trying one of Aquasana’s drinking water filters or shower filters. They purify water at the tap, but they’re easy to take with you when you move. Just make sure you notify your landlord first!

Homeowners with Great Water

While it’s true that almost 10 percent of water systems and wells in the United States fail clean water standards, that doesn’t apply to everyone. Some people naturally have access to pristine, clear water, especially if they live close to a natural spring. You might even have this kind of situation without knowing it.

To find out, ask a professional to check you your water quality, or buy a test kit and do it yourself. If you’re one of the lucky few, even Aquasana’s highest quality filter might not be able to help. If you’re like the rest of us, however, you may see calcium, iron, bacteria or even lead in your supply. Check out your filtration options right away for cleaner, healthier water.

Penny Pinchers

While most homeowners will find that the cost of an Aquasana whole house water filter spreads out to pennies over its lifespan, even that won’t work for some people. Some consumers can’t bring themselves to invest, even if it’s in a useful device that could help them save on healthcare down the road. Others just don’t have the money to make that first up-front purchase.

If you fit either category, take some time to truly consider the potential advantages of clean, filtered water. If a whole house system isn’t in the cards, you could still benefit from an undersink model, a shower filter, or even one of Aquasana’s portable glass filter bottles! Remember, filtration is more than just a way to get great-tasting drinking water. The right Aquasana water filters could also boost your health.