How Water Bottles with Filters can Help Your Health and Hydration

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If you’ve tried the soft, velvety-tasting water from a high quality water ionizer, you know what a difference it can make in your hydration habits. Unfortunately, the benefits of this water disappear with remarkable speed. That can make it extremely difficult to get good drinking water when you’re on the go. The solution is to choose water bottles with filters designed to remove impurities and keep your drinking supply healthy.

You can even pick models that alkalize, purify and re-mineralize your water almost as well as your home ionizer. While they can’t provide all the benefits of a true ionization system, these bottles could make the difference between relying on potentially contaminated tap water and keeping a healthy supply at your fingertips


The best water bottles do more than just hold water. They also filter it through a bio-ceramic material capable of pulling out heavy metals, chlorine, insecticides and other chemicals. They may not have the .01 micron filtration abilities found in top of the line Tyent ionizers, but they can get rid of 99 percent of all the contaminants found in ordinary tap water. That makes it much easier and safer to ensure that you get the water you need throughout the day. After 90 uses, simply replace the filter unit.

Alkalinization Features

It’s hard to duplicate the alkaline water benefits conferred by an electronic ionizer, but some water bottles with filters make the attempt. They use mineral cartridges instead of more powerful electrolysis, adding essential nutrients to the water and increasing its pH. The pH and ORP of the treated water depends in part on the quality of the water supply you start with, but these bottles have the capacity to improve water from almost any source. Whether you’re hiking, traveling or in the office, you’ll be able to get the drinking water your body needs.

Ionization Capabilities

Because your filter bottle doesn’t need power or an electric outlet to work, it can’t rely on electrolysis to ionize the water. Instead, it adds ionic minerals to decrease the ORP of standard tap water and improve the structure of the water molecules. This confers many of the same benefits as water that has been ionized via conventional means, but it can’t be done as quickly or with the same level of power. Compared to dealing with straight tap water, however, this bottle-based method of ionization can be a great contributor to good health.

Getting the right amount of water is always important, but you’ll fare better if that water has been filtered, ionized and given an alkaline pH. This specialized type of water offers many different health benefits, and after using it for just a short time, you’ll see the difference! Don’t rely on potentially hazardous plastic or BPA-lined bottles; choose a safer alternative with beneficial filtration capabilities instead.