How to Judge a Countertop Water Ionizer Before You Buy

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If you are about to buy your first countertop water ionizer, stop! Most people don’t take the time to analyze their purchases properly, and you might be about to buy the wrong device. After all, not every product on the market can deliver fresh alkaline water for a reasonable price. Others do fine for a short time, but won’t hold up over the years. Here’s a look at some of the factors you should investigate before you commit to buying any alkaline water delivery system.

Antioxidant Properties

Oxidation is responsible for a significant amount of damage in your body. Many aches, pains and changes in your day to day life that get blamed on aging aren’t really a natural product of time. Instead, they’re caused by the damaging action of free radicals in your system. The antioxidants produced by ionized water can help cut down on that damage, but not every ionizer produces the same amount. Look for an ionizer that produces a strong negative ORP, capable of combating more free radicals and producing greater hydration levels.

Filtration Technology

Any good countertop water ionizer will also filter out potentially dangerous materials that could contaminate your drinking supply. Particulates, chemicals like fertilizers or pesticides, heavy metals and many other substances can get into even the best wells and water systems. Keeping a quality filtration unit at home is the best way to ensure that these substances don’t make it into the water you drink. Remember – many of the worst contaminants are the ones you can’t see! The right ionizer for your family will provide filtration at the micron level. Some high end models even filter down to .01 microns, removing everything except pure, clear water.

Warranty and Service

No one wants to invest in a unit that will fail after only a few years. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your water ionizer includes options to keep it working well. Look for devices that include a lifetime warranty capable of protecting your home ionizer and keeping it functional for many years to come. You should also be able to get easy support to answer your questions, along with instructions on installation and maintenance. The best companies even make it easy to order new filters and other maintenance parts. You’ll never have to worry about running out of fresh, pure water just because your ionizer needs a filter change.

Make sure you spend a little time investigating all your options before you buy a new water ionizer. It can be tempting to purchase the first model you see, but it might not be right for you. Think about ionization levels, flow, filtration methods and more to make sure that you get the perfect ionizer for your household. After all, water is life!