How to Find the Best Tyent Water Ionizer Model for Your Needs

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Buying a Tyent water ionizer is one way to invest in your and your family’s health. After all, these devices can provide a nearly endless supply of high quality, antioxidant water while filtering out dangerous pollutants. Figuring out which Tyent ionizer you need can be a lot more difficult, however. This company offers a range of models intended for above counter and undersink use, each of which has its own unique set of features. It can get confusing pretty quickly! Here are some of the questions you might need to ask yourself in order to determine which model will work best for you.

How Much Space Do I Have?

For some buyers, space isn’t a major consideration. For others, every square inch is precious. If you live in a home with a small or cramped kitchen, you might have better luck buying a water ionizer designed to fit under the counter. These include the UCE-9000 Turbo Under-Counter Extreme and the UCE-11 Under-Counter Extreme ionizers. Both have an easy-to-use display with colored controls and multiple titanium plates for long-lasting effectiveness.

Can I Modify My Plumbing?

Apartment-dwellers and other renters can still enjoy the benefits of water ionizers, but they might not be able to install under-counter models. If you know your landlord won’t allow you to modify your plumbing or counters, consider one of Tyent’s countertop ionizers. These include the MMP-7070 Turbo, the MMP-9090 Turbo, and the new MMP-11 Turbo. All these ionizers can be connected directly to your sink without the need to modify your kitchen.

Is Price a Concern?

A water ionizer is a sound investment for anyone who is seriously concerned about their health, but the initial cost can be high. If you know that you’ll need to count your pennies to buy your first ionizer, it may be worth looking at Tyent’s lower-end models. The MMP-7070 Turbo might not have all the features of the newest models, but it costs about a third less. For the budget-conscious, that could be the difference between enjoying the benefits of an ionizer and being forced to go without.

What Power Levels Do I Need?

All of Tyent’s water ionizers provide a powerful electrolytic force to ensure quick and effective production of alkaline water. Some draw more power than others, however. If your home’s wiring can only handle a limited draw or you’re concerned about using too much energy, you might want to choose a model like the MMP-7070, which uses only 280 watts, versus more powerful models such as the MMP-11 Turbo, which uses around 750 watts.

If you can answer these basic questions, you’ll be on the road to determining which Tyent water ionizer you’ll need to purchase. After all, no one ionizer can meet the needs of every household. Tyent offers options that can help people who live in apartments, those on budgets, people who are worried about their energy use, and those who simply want a top of the line device. No matter what category you fit in, you’ll be able to enjoy the right ionizer for your situation.