How Alkaline Water Benefits Make Their Way to Your Glass

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Alkaline water benefits you in many different ways. It contains antioxidants that help slow down the aging process and prevent damage to your body. It also decreases overall acidity levels, helps deliver minerals and other nutrients to your systems, and even boosts hydration. What many people don’t know is how ordinary water takes on all these great properties. Let’s take a look at the journey that conventional tap water undergoes in order to offer you all these advantages.


The first step in converting unhealthy tap water into health-promoting ionized alkaline water is filtration. This removes impurities and pollutants that can be found in almost every water system in the US. From rust, residual chlorine and undesirable minerals to pesticides, heavy metals and bacteria, the ionizer’s specialized filter remove all kinds of dangerous substances. They leave behind only purified water, ready to hydrate your body.


Many of the minerals suspended in your water supply affect the taste and quality of what you drink. Not all minerals are bad, however. The second filter in many alkaline water systems adds important nutrients to help your water support a healthy metabolism. These might include calcium and magnesium, but the individual mix varies according to the supplier.


The re-mineralized water may be healthier than what came out of the tap, but it still doesn’t offer the kind of alkaline water benefits you might expect. It needs to pass over and through a specialized set of electrolytic plates. These plates carry a moderate electrical charge that changes the electron structure of the individual water molecules. Some gain an electron, while others lose one.

During the ionization process, the device separates the two groups of molecules into acidic waste water for cleaning or disinfection, and healthy alkaline water for drinking. This all occurs according to detailed electronic settings, so there’s no room for errors. The newly ionized water also undergoes changes in the way its molecules clump together. They become smaller and more compact, making them better at providing the hydration your body needs to function.


Once the machine has cleaned, purified and ionized the water, it’s ready for you to drink. You can dispense it into a glass or any other container with the touch of a button. Just make sure that you consume it within a few hours. After that, the water’s beneficial properties start to decrease. It will lose its new taste and texture, becoming just like any other water. That’s why it’s so important to have an alkaline water device at home.

If you’re not sure whether a new water ionizer might be right for you, take some time to learn how these exciting devices work. They may seem deceptively simple, but they rely on all the latest technology to ensure a fresh, high quality product without any risk of contamination. Find a friend who owns an ionizer and experience the benefits of alkaline water yourself!