Get Softer, Healthier Skin with a New Water Filtration System

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If you struggle with rough, dry skin or dull, brittle hair and nails, the problem could be in your water. Contaminants in everyday household water systems can make it hard to maintain healthy skin. The good news is that this problem can be easy to fix. Whether you choose a showerhead filtration system or a whole house filter, you’ll be able to get softer, healthier skin and hair with minimal investment. It’s simple and easy, too!

How Unfiltered Water Harms Your Skin

Even if your water is technically safe for drinking and bathing, that doesn’t mean it’s ideal. There are a lot of dissolved minerals and chemicals in most household tap water. They can dry and irritate your skin, leaving it looking tired, flaky and older. You might struggle with your appearance and even spend a lot of money on cosmetic treatments when the real answer is healthier water.

The same chlorine your town or city uses to remove germs from the water can strip out the natural oils that protect your hair and skin. That induces faster aging, frizz and dryness. Minerals like lime and iron can coat your hair and skin. They also interfere with soap’s ability to clean properly, leaving an unpleasant scummy residue. These factors make colored hair dull and tend to fade it. They can also turn blonde hair greenish and encourage an increase in skin blemishes. Since your pores open up in the shower, you might even absorb more contaminants from the water than you do by drinking it.

Skin Benefits of Filtered Water

You don’t have to put up with all these damaging effects, however. You don’t even have to spend lots of money on skin and hair care products to counteract them. You can get healthier skin and hair simply by filtering your water. Clear, filtered water won’t irritate your skin or cause scalp problems. It can reverse dandruff caused by chlorine dryness and give your hair bouncy new life. It might even clear up your complexion! Your hair color will last longer and you’ll spend much less on moisturizers. You’ll even find yourself looking fresher and younger once the buildup from unfiltered water has been eliminated.

Types of Water Filters for Softer, Healthier Skin

You have several options if you’d like to improve your shower and soften your skin. The simplest and least expensive is a shower-only filter. These attach directly to the shower-head and process the water before it touches your body. Each shower filter works only for one bathroom, however. If you need to filter out contaminants from your drinking water or if you have multiple showers, you can also use a whole house filter. No matter which you choose, make sure it’s a high quality filter from a reliable brand like Aquasana. You’ll look and feel better soon!