Are Cheap Water Filters Really the Best Choice?

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Filtration could help you solve many household water problems. From mineral stains on clothing and fixtures to potential chemical or bacteria contamination, these devices can remove a lot of contaminants. The quality of your drinking and washing water can only ever be as good as your water filter, however. While you might find it tempting to purchase a cheaper model that won’t cost you much up front, it could keep you from getting the kind of results you want.

Types of Water Filtration

You can buy several different kinds of water filters, depending on what your home needs. If your biggest problems include a strange taste or odor, you might be able to stick with a faucet-mounted filter or an under sink model. These filters only process water for one fixture, but they tend to retail at a much lower price than their larger cousins.

Whole house water filters work better for people who are worried about not just their drinking water, but also their washing and bathing supply. If you’re worried about contamination by bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals or other substances that can harm both your skin or your belongings, this kind of filter might be best.

Things to Consider

One way to save money on filtration is to carefully assess your needs. Instead of buying full-featured cheap water filters that could require extensive maintenance in just a few years, you can get a smaller device that will continue working for a long time. Most reputable manufacturers offer a range of filtration options, from the simplest devices to those designed to deal with extremely contaminated water. Have your well or municipal supply tested by an expert to determine which elements you need to remove before you can drink.

Deciphering Long Term Costs

No matter which kind of water filter you choose, it’s important to make sure you’re buying a quality product. Relying only on price to guide your decision making process could result in poorly-filtered water. You might even find that you end up paying more to replace your filter in the long run. Take the time to do your research and consider not just the up front cost of your water filter but also the costs over the lifetime of the unit. You might be surprised by how little you could end up spending on a high quality filtration unit.

Remember to account for the cost of maintenance and filter unit replacements, too. Some apparently cheap water filters simply rely on expensive supplies, making the overall cost of your unit higher than that of one with a bigger initial price tag. If you make your decision based on a first impression, you might end up losing money over time.

Everyone deserves clean, safe water. Take the time to approach buying your first water filter carefully. You’ll get a better product, spend less money, and be able to rest comfortably knowing that your drinking water is fresh and safe.